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Catskills Update: Surf's Up!

A rare Curbed foray north of NYC finds us transfixed by a plan to build a "Polynesian Resort Island" in the Catskills near the original Woodstock site. CollegeHumor's Zach Klein posts part of the investment prospectus he received:

Our Beach Pavilion, situated in a massive dome, will consist of a record breaking four acre indoor beach with a man-made realistic shoreline and boardwalk... Our other services will include people mover walkways, computerized fingerprinting paperless admission, charter bus service directly from New York City and other points, local bus service to other area attractions/casinos, and private airplane shuttle service from local airports to New York City.Notes Klein, "I'm not sure if this is legit."
· New "Polynesian Resort Island" in the Catskills [Zach Klein]