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Red Hook Rumor Roundup: Ikea Underfoot!

1) Buried deep inside this week's Brooklyn Papers, a bizarre Red Hook Ikea update. A tipster emails, "I'm not sure why it got so buried—seems like a huge scoop to me. They're planning on embedding the brand names of their products in stainless steel in the so-called public esplanade! Their company spokesman says this is necessary so that their customers can find the building; I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The esplanade is between Ikea and the water. If someone can't find the building from there, they definitely won't be able to put together their Hensvik bookcase with that little allen wrench. And as if that weren't bad enough, they're also putting their loading dock smack dab in the middle of the waterfront access point, which was supposed to be reserved for bikes and pedestrians." [Brooklyn Papers, PDF, page 13]
2) More details on soon-to-open (best case: late April) Red Hook Fairway: "The new store will roast its own coffee, bake its own bagels [take that, Harlem!—ed] and smoke its own fish. It also will have a cafe, a kosher section and a room dedicated to organic food. Glickberg and O'Connell hope to open a restaurant on the second floor. The developers are renovating 45 luxury live/work apartments on the top three floors. They surround an open-air courtyard and have views of the harbor." [NYDailyNews]
3) A tipster emails, per a recent Wall Street Journal report, "First cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2, is set to sail from the Red Hook cruise terminal on April 15th." [See also WiredNY]
4) Mayor Bloomberg remains ambivalent about Red Hook container port. [WNYC]
5) Red Hook girls earn sectional championship!! [Poughkeepsie Journal] Different Red Hook.