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The Day in Shvo

Superbroker Michael Shvo?ethics-challenged bad boy, ruthless shark, real estate assassin, master of the fucking universe?is a topic that never grows old for all Curbedizens. Here's just a sampling of some Shvorrespondence we've receieved over the past 24 hours:

1) The rumor: "Is it a coincidence that SHVO has his office in a building owned and managed by David Frankel Realty, which also owns and manages a number of prewar rentals on the Upper East Side and at Sutton Place, including 19 East 80th Street, 400 East 57th Street and 400 East 58th Street? Does anyone have any info on some grand multi-building condo conversion scheme he is cooking up?" [ed.- Nope. But this is fun, isn't it?]
2) The report, from the Real Deal New Development Forum held at Cooper Union last night: "Shvo drank four bottles of water. The more he drank the more he interrupted. He did a great job reiterating panelist's comments with his delicate shvocabulary. 'Product is great product,' he says in reference to great product. He said this while Mr. Levine, 555 w23 looked on, knowing that his latest rental-cum-condo-cum-rental project is a joke amongst the brokerage community. Shvo also revealed he loves co-broking. In response, few people golf clapped (mortgage brokers) while everyone else mouthed the words bullshit. He is building a condo on Union Square next to 1 Union Square S with Jade Jagger. He admitted that the units were going to be tiny. 20 Pine was mentioned 15 times. He made the bold statement of saying that in the next year a number of marketing projects were going to change hands. Something to do with a Barbra-less Corcoran Group and a Grumpy Ms. Sunshine."
3) The pictures: uh, here. (And, okay, here too.)

It's good to be the king!
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