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SOM's Childs Invited Back to the Moynihan Clubhouse

Welcome to the new standard of real estate development in New York where every other highly visible project's gotta have a few starchitect flip-flops before it's good and ready to get under way. Case in point: the planned Moynihan Station at the Farley Post Office Building. The Wall Street Journal's Plots & Ploys column today mentions that SOM's David Childs (o, he of Fort Zero) has been brought back to re-redesign the rail terminal, which will someday be home to NJ Transit. This, after his original "potato chip" schematic was shoved under the couch in favor of that hot, new undulation (above), via ballpark-itects HOK. What's this minor last-minute tweak going to cost? Another $1 billion. As the WSJ notes, "It isn't yet clear if the potato chip will return as well."

What're the odds the latest switcheroo has something to do with Cablevision and MSG's (still tentative?) plans to join the pajama party?
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