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Lookout Hill: Brooklyn's New non-DUMBO Tribeca

Think a reopening jail on Atlantic Avenue is going to stymie the neighborhood's development? Tell that to the Boss Hoggs at Alchemy Properties, currently in the process of marketing the 46 units inside their Lookout Hill condominium at 199 State Street. Now, there's two things we know about this new development. Well, there's more than two, but here's what we want to talk about right now: (1) Lookout Hill, much to our surprise, is apparently a real thing, and (2) this building has the coolest friggin' logo we've ever seen for a residential development. USA! USA!

OK, now on to the other stuff we know. Studios (677sf) start at $470,000 in the 11-story building, and the prices go up to just a shade under $1 million, for a "deluxe penthouse" with a private terrace. What about the finishes you ask? Take it from them, "these high quality finishes are what one would expect from brand new luxury Tribeca condominiums." The Real Deal reported way-back-when that it would be an October '06 move-in, but that date's already been pushed back to December.
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