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Cool Comment Roundup: Bricking the East River

[Often, goodness bubbles up in the Curbed comments that deserves a special look. Two of recent note...]

1) Remember the Terra Cotta Building (right), the ancient structure in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge that'll get restored as part of Silvercup's big LIC plan? A commenter sheds some historical light: "When my father was a teenager in Long Island City (27th Street) in the 1930's he worked in the Terra Cotta Factory piling up bricks in the kilns. He told me that sometimes the pile would collapse and come out one big lump of brick. When that happened, he said they just pushed it into the river. So, if you dredge down there, you are likely to find debris from this factory." [Terra Cotta Building Ready for Closeup]
2) Regarding yesterday's word that Ikea planned to imprint words like Hensvik in its Red Hook waterfront promenade, an Ikea rep comments, "This design element was proposed only for a small area in the ferry plaza, not throughout the public esplanade as implied." Read the whole comment to fully clarify things. [Red Hook Rumor Roundup]

Good stuff. As always, keep the comments coming. And be safe out there.