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Curbed Three-Pack: 30 Crosby Special Edition

As noted by Manhattan Transfers, the celebufied Soho loft building 30 Crosby is pretty much all up for grabs. Well, not quite: but even with Courtney Love's loft in closing, there are at least three more units (out of a total of just 13 in the building) on the market. A Curbed shopper's guide for the Apollo partners in our midst...

1) What/Where: 30 Crosby Street
Stats: 4,440 square feet, asking $6.485 million
The Skinny: As can be seen in the photos above, the owner of this fifth-floor 2BR loft went for classic minimalist loft decor. Like, really minimalist. Like, anyone in the mood for a little handball?
· Listing: 30 Crosby Street [Stribling]

2) What/Where: 30 Crosby Street
Stats: 6,000 square feet, asking $13.75 million
The Skinny: This is 30 Crosby's "other" penthouse—you know, the one not owned by Lenny Kravitz. (Per the Observer, Kravitz's place is temporarily off the market while he redecorates again. Um.) We've featured this beauty on Curbed before; it too adheres to the lofty aesthetic. In fact, we just floated away out that skylight. It's floaty up here.
· Listing: 30 Crosby Street (Penthouse) [Stribling]

3) What/Where: 30 Crosby Street
Stats: 3,500 square feet, asking $6.45 million
The Skinny: The smallest of the lofts in this batch, this one's also the most stylish. That is, of course, because it's the place that Curbed's new folk hero, British theater director Laurence Isaacson, calls home. These photos are worth clicking through for—there's a snazzy bathroom and, as previously noted, the "weird neon thing hanging over one of his couches." Best of all, your choice of listings: Elliman or Corcoran, depending on which brokers' website aesthetic you prefer.
· Listing: 30 Crosby Street [Elliman]
· Listing: 30 Crosby Street [Corcoran]