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At 30 Crosby, Our (Courtney) Love Won't Go On

Following up on the news of the sale of Courtney Love's $5.25 million loft at the celebrity-infested 30 Crosby in Soho, the Observer's Michael Calderone plumbs residents for their reactions. It's a feast of great quotes:

1) "The last time I saw her, she went out strapped, handcuffed to a gurney, screaming and kicking."
2) "I managed to fall over Courtney Love in the lobby. It was when she was opening her case in the lobby and searching for—she had her underwear all over the lobby—something she desperately needed."
3) "I am quite a flamboyant creature. When you have people like Lenny Kravitz in the building—and we've just lost Courtney Love—you have to hold your own."

Actually, all three quotes are from British theater director Laurence Isaacson, who's selling his place at 30 Crosby for $6.45 million. Mr. Isaacson, we now love you uncontrollably and have the underwear to prove it. Please start commenting on Curbed with all due haste.
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