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7WTC Word Zipper Spouts Le Corbusier

Since that word zipper (or text ticker or moving-quotation wall) inside the lobby of 7 World Trade Center is just about the most Curbed-appealing thing at The Pit right now, here's another spy shot from certified "Art Blogger" James Wagner, who divines that the line "here, finally, steel ..." (which is either very appropriate or ironic, depending on your level of cynicism) is from a quotation about the George Washington Bridge by the architect Le Corbusier.

Adds Wagner: "While it clearly won't be one of [conceptual artist Jenny Holzer's] more provocative projects (the texts, which had to be cleared by [Larry's wife, Klara] Silverstein, will apparently be as close to sweetness and light as Manhattan ever gets), we may still be able to hope for more later on." As Holzer told the Times, talking as if it were some small furry animal kept in a box: "I hope to feed it again. It would be nice to keep it alive."
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