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Gussying Up Ol' Loisaida

If we told our Mamas we needed $4,700 per month to live a whisper's reach from Avenue C, they would whoop our asses silly. But the times are changing, and that's what it's going to take to snatch up the nicest units in the newly constructed seven-story rental at 254 East 2nd Street. To be fair, the 47 studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments (410-950sf) start at $1,500/month, according to the press release issued by Shaun Osher's CORE Group Marketing.

Occupancy will begin at the end of April, and the basement and first floor of the iron-spot brick building are occupied by the Eastside Tabernacle Church. Said developer Jack Glazer: "This section of the East Village is drawing younger audiences who are looking for larger, more affordable rental spaces in a neighborhood that is quiet, yet still a little edgy." If edge is what they're shooting for, perhaps Glazer should have opted for this alternate building design we turned up after a Google search of the address. SkyBox indeed!
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