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Another D'Ag Bites the Dust

Caught in the crossfire of the vicious Union Square grocery war, the D'Agostino supermarket on University Place decided not to renew its lease. Now another D'Ag in the area (OK, it's kind of a hike) is also reportedly calling it quits. A tipster writes:

the d'agastinos supermarket on 20th street and 20th street loop in stuyvesant town has not renewed their lease and is closing in april. the workers there say a NYSC (new york sports club) will be moving in.We honestly thought those Italians had more fight in 'em. This leaves 20 D'Ag locations left in Manhattan, according to their website. Should we start a grocery store deathwatch?
· D'Agostino a Casualty of Union Square Grocery Wars? [Curbed]