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Charting the Cabs of Harlem

Fresh gentrification tracking in Harlem. Harlem blogger (there's a new one of 'em every day, eh?) Harlem Fur delights in chronicling taxis seen from his apartment window on 118th Street, recalling how times have changed since a conversation he had with a cabbie from 2001:

Cabbie: Is this really where you want to be?
Me: Yes.
Cabbie: I cannot drop you off here. It is too dangerous.
Me: But I live here.
Cabbie: It is too dangerous. I will take you to Columbia (University) and drop you off on 118th Street there.
Me: But then I will have to walk, drunk, through Morningside Park at this hour, and three additional blocks to my apartment. I'm sure that would be more dangerous than walking from the curb to my door.
Cabbie: I cannot drop you off here.

Me: (Using quick thinking) I think I am going to get sick. Please stop the cab.· Harlem Observation: Taxis on the Streets [Harlem Fur] BONUS: For those who also enjoy admiring traffic, check out this new Google Map that links to traffic webcams around town. [via Google Maps Mania]

DOUBLE BONUS: Speaking of Morningside Park, Curbed's beloved Morningside Park turkey (previous coverage here and here) scored some love in the City Section yesterday. ("Experts believe the Morningside Park turkey traveled from wooded parts of the Bronx." Good to know.) Bonus metacoverage at turkeyhaven WATPA.
· Gobbling Away, Far from the Spotlight [NYTimes]