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TJ's Update: No Line for Cheap Wine

As promised, today Trader Joe's swings open the doors of its wine store on East 14th Street, prompting this live-from-the-scene report from a special Curbed correspondent:

Walked by TJ's Wine Store, expecting a line a la yesterday for the store (that was insanity—what better thing to do on a gorgeous spring day than wait in line on 14th St to pick over the dregs of previous shoppers? And it was still there at 7pm!), but NO LINE and no one in the store! Scored 2 bottles of 3 Buck Chuck, although it's actually (and less melodically named) $2.99 and a $7.99 Bordeaux numerote, which if it's good may replace my usual Chateau Aujay that I have to trek all the way to Fort Greene to get. As I typed this in Union Square, THREE people came up to me to ask where Trader Joe's was (tipped off by the bag, no doubt).

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· TJ Will Sell You Booze When He's Damn Well Ready [Curbed] UPDATE: Blogger Amy Langfield hit the wine store today too, returning with the first photo we've seen of the NYC Chuck. Verdict: "The surprise of the transaction though was that I got carded... OK, I just tasted a couple sips of the red. Ready for my review? Highly drinkable. Buy, buy, buy!"
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