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Upper West Side Ladder: Under $500k

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the Upper West Side, where we'll climb the price ladder from six figures to eight figures. Today, we begin with apartments priced under $500,000.]

1) What/Where: Studio, 72nd St. (Col. & Amst.)
Asking: $369k
The Skinny: We begin this week on 72nd St., or as Halstead might say, "in the middle of everything great on the trendy Upper West Side." (Excuse us while we tend to our sides -- they are hurting right now.) 400 sqft in an elevator co-op. 8 huge windows, new Kitchen, and best of all "this could be a Jr 1 Bedroom."
· Listing: 118 West 72nd St. [Halstead]

2) What/Where: 1BR duplex, 70th St. (Col. & B'way)
Asking: $495k
The Skinny: Just south of the trend-center, we find two floors in a 40-unit, 4-brownstone co-op. Note, however, how this listing bucks the trendy in favor of the tried and true "Fairway, Citarella" reference. The shower and the bedroom are separated by a staircase, but there is a half bath bedside. Exposed brick living room, granite kitchen counter.
· Listing: 109 W. 70th St. [Elliman]

3) What/Where: 1BR, 93rd St. (CPW & Col.)
Asking: $499k
The Skinny: Pre-war 1-BR a little further uptown. Kitchen is newly renovated, albeit a little snug. New elevator and lobby reno in the works. Not only has this place been reduced to sell, but "10% down makes this extra special." Amen.
· Listing: 57 W. 93rd St. [Bellmarc]

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