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Live at the High Line Groundbreaking

Though ground was actually broken over a month ago, high noon today marked the ceremonial groundbreaking for The High Line, Chelsea's elevated park-to-be. "It's more of a figurative groundbreaking," one helpful soul explained to us. Plenty of luminaries on hand made this the feelgood urban planning event of the year. Plenty of cameras and photobloggers on hand ensured this will be one of the better documented events, too. After the jump, some Curbed photo love from the tracks; more to follow.

UPDATE: More photos added after the jump. See also coverage at Gothamist (and Jake's on-track photos from the weekend).

UPDATE II: A Curbed reader emails, "I noticed in your coverage you neglected to include Kevin Bacon, Ed Norton and an unidentifiable, though well-dressed, brunette. Unfortunately, I didn't have time for a photo op. Oh, and even the in the heat, the master planner Piet Oldorlf looked prepared to hike Mt. Everest." Curbed regrets the omissions.

Mayor Bloomberg, one of the many luminaries to wax philosophical over an elevated urban park. Not pictured: Barry Diller.

Clearing has begun on this portion of the High Line, looking north from 14th Street.

Alongside the stretch of cleared track seen in the previous photo, another track lies fallow.

Press gaggle with High Line Building at rear.

View through the High Line Building (looking south from 14th Street) at work underway.

More debris south of 14th.

Giveway du jour: potted grass!

Figurative groundbreaking photos just north of Little West 12th Street on Washington Street.

A block up Washington Street, literal meatpackers keep on.

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