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Real Estate Poetry: Shipping 45,000 Books to BPC

OK, so it's actually more like poetry real estate. Nonetheless, Poets House is ditching its high-rent pad on Spring Street in Soho next year for 10,000 square feet of ground-floor space in the heady realms of Battery Park City, where the nonprofit's 45,000 poetry books and other assorted knick knacks like handmade Christmas cards by Robert Frost will enjoy 65 years of rent-free existence ... after $5 million in construction costs.

The Times is mum on which building the poets will occupy, but the Sheldrake Organization's main ongoing condo development in that neck of the woods is One River Terrace, rendered above, at site 16/17 for those who speak BPC. We can only imagine what this influx of idling poets who don't have to pay rent is going to do for the "black-car blight" issue the nabe is now facing.
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