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TribecaSpace Reader Report: "Weird and Dark"

In our Tribeca update last week, a commenter requested further information on the new TribecaSpace development, a full-service building o' lofts located at 25 Murray Street. "Anyone have any inside scoop on TribecaSpaca on Murray," said commenter asked. "I just looked at one... they are going for 1000/sf... nice lobby, good amenitites, maintenance & taxes seem good. Just feel like I am missing something..." Sure enough, a Curbed reader took a little trip down to ye olde TribecaSpace last week, and he thinks he knows what's up:

Went to Tribeca Space late last week. The apartments are quite irregular (to put it kindly). In many, the second “bedroom” has a window that is not actually visible (built into some type of wall/ceiling alcove not visible from the floor - some weird construction thing to make them legal, while not functional or visible).

In some of the units, the windows face a very small and dark interior courtyard, so the light is very poor. Some have a master bedroom with a bathroom that is across the apartment. There are bedrooms with tiny (or no) closets. The fixtures (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) are at the very low end.

Prices vary. Around $1,000 a square foot. Some are actually less. But the spaces are just weird and dark. Lobby was okay.Sure, that's just one tipster's opinion, but we're not sure if we buy it. We just can't be mad at any new development that prominently features a bowl of sliced cucumber on its website. We're suckers for a free meal.
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