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Purves Street Condos Update: 4'27" to LIC Bliss?

When last we checked in with 44-27 Purves Street, we were musing that the development's units might be cheaper than some of their luxury LIC brethren due to the lack of a catchy name, among other things. Enter the print ad seen at right. It's no flashy moniker, but it is a kinda clever play on the building's address. Still, it begs the question: Can you really get from a nearby subway station to Grand Central in anywhere close to 4 minutes, 27 seconds?

Well, according to the MTA's schedule [PDF] and one Interactive Transit Map, assuming you take the most direct line (No. 7) without transfers, our best guess is that you could probably travel the three stops from 45th Road/Court House Square to GCT in about five to six minutes?if you're wearing your lucky socks that day and you count only the time from platform to platform. Which would make the advertisement's pitch ... if not entirely accurate, then at least within the ballpark. Frequent riders of the 7 train are, of course, encouraged to chime in here with eye rolling and worst-case scenarios.
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