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Rumblings & Bumblings: Odd Lots

[Actual questions posed by actual readers below. If you know the answer, or have some sweet digital pics detailing the action, send 'em to drop a note in the comments below. Answers sanitized for your protection on Thursday.]

1) Union Square: "Any idea what's going on with the space that used to be Paterson's Silks on the South West Corner of Union Square (above)? It was ripped down to become 'OddJob' and now its a big hole in the ground." (Ah, memories. Hard to believe it's been more than a year since this building was wrecked on the eve of its landmark commission preservation hearing. A rumbler said 14-story condos earlier this year. Who's got more?)
2) Upper East Side: "enough about 93/2nd, how about 93/3rd? Not only has the SE corner (in the related rentals building) been vacant for at least a year, one store to the north of the NW corner has been vacant for at least 2 years, and Ecco La, on the SW corner has been "under renovation" for at least a year...What is going on here???"
3) Soho: "Do you guys know what's going on at the Thompson Street park/playground/pool between prince - spring? I walked by it yesterday and many of the fences that surround the park have been ripped up and moved around - and it's looking pretty messy....just curious."