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Hanging a Cabinet and Other 13-Week Tasks

For those who avoid do-it-yourself home improvement chiefly because it seems to lack comedic value, meet Todd Levin, a contributor to The Morning News, who aims to prove otherwise while installing a medicine cabinet, purchased at "Medicine Cabinets Party Town Discount Superstore."

[Step] 3. Begin prying the medicine cabinet from the display wall. Really put your shoulder into it. At this point, the salesperson will drop his hand-strengthening flex ball and race over to you. “Oh, no, no. We should have that piece in stock in about six weeks.” He is, of course, talking about that piece you’re standing right in front of. Allow your mind to be blown.If you're interested in the display model pictured above, try SkyMall. Because those DIY urges can hit anywhere, even at 35,000 feet.
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