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Upper West Side Ladder #2: $500k to $1 million

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the Upper West Side, where we'll climb the price ladder from six figures to eight figures. Today, we continue with apartments priced between $500k and $1 million.]

1) What/Where: 1BR, 76th St. (West End & R'side)
Asking: $649k
The Skinny: The parquet floor may or may not have been invented in an Upper West Side doorman building. In any case, there's nothing fancy to see here, but everything seems fair. Note that in a part of town where you pay to see the river or the park, this one's made for the residential architecture buffs: "Large, north facing windows with view of historic brownstones." 800sqft.
· Listing: West 76th [FSBO/NYT]

2) What/Where: 1BR, 87th St. (West End & R'side)
Asking: $749
The Skinny: About 10 blocks north, this place claims to have been "brilliantly re-designed by an architect." We're not feeling it from the pics -- must be in the details. Never has a 1BR apartment been made to sound so grand (see esp., "A center hall separates the public rooms from the master suite.") Finally, the listing concludes on a foreboding note: "Some personal exclusions may apply." We think he means you.
· Listing: 317 W. 87th St. [BrownHarris]

3) What/Where: 2BR, 92nd St. (Bway & West End)
Asking: $899k
The Skinny: Loftastic! Please, let Corcoran set the scene: "Imagine yourself sitting in the living room of this 2 Bedroom condo apartment. A wood burning fire crackles, 16' high ceilings and other lovely details complete the picture." Little warm in here, but we do admire "other lovely details." 400sqft terrace. Open house 4/12, 12-1:30.
· Listing: 225 W. 92nd St. [Corcoran]

· Upper West Side Ladder #1: Under $500k [Curbed]