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The Novare: Should We Be Offended?

The hippie church turned condo development on West 4th Street known as the Novare has generated a lot of buzz lately, including a Denzel rumor or two. Dining just across the street at Red Bamboo this past weekend, we couldn't help but notice countless passersby stopped dead in their tracks as they passed the conversion project, shock on their faces as they read the banners advertising the luxominiums that are hanging down from the church's façade. Maybe it's the preachy slogan that got 'em. A reader seems to think so:

Am I the only one that finds the marketing of Corcoran's 135 W. 4th St. a bit repulsive? It's sad enough that the Methodist Church sold the landmarked church. Then these characters snarkily say "come to be reborn" as a joke on its holy back story. I'm sure it's been de-sanctified, but still... If it had been a temple and a broker said "come buy in the Chosen condos" someone would raise a ruckus, you can be assured.The tag line is a little cheeky, we admit, but it's giving us an idea. Let's all suggest new vaguely religious slogans for the Novare in the comments field. Our suggestion: "Where the lofts are truly fine, and the water tastes like wine." Or, you know, "Jesus is my concierge."
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