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7WTC: Worth The View?

Another day, another post about WTC redevelopment. Amy from NewYorkology posts some photos from a recent OHNY tour of 7 WTC and gives us her run-down of the new building:

During the tour there was no ignoring the fact that the building was designed with the terror attacks in mind. Not only is the southern view dominated by Ground Zero, but many of the building's features were designed to resist disaster. The building, with a gold rating for environmentally friendly design, is nearly ready for occupancy, although only a few tenants have signed on. Forget for a minute questions about the downtown office market and obvious issues regarding safety. The lease might be cheap, but what remains unanswered is why would any company want to put up with the noise, mess and massive inconvenience associated with working next to a giant construction site for the next 5 - 10 years?
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