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The Crazy Old Man of 33rd Street

Continuing yesterday's theme of absurdist photofun, here's a gem from the Curbed Photo Pool. Says photographer everystreetinmanhattan, "The highlight of the day was when, while taking a photo of a big empty lot on 33rd St., an old man poked his head out of window and started shouting and waving his arms at us. We couldn't understand a word but we shouted and laughed back and forth for a little while then waved our goodbyes."

As an aside, we're getting sort of fascinated with the self-same photographer's quest to walk "every street in Manhattan." Also from Day 4: "It was the perfect day for walking. We took a lot of photos, about 750 of them."
· Untitled Photo [Flickr/everystreetinmanhattan]
· Day 4 Photoset [Flickr/everystreetinmanhattan]