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Ask Curbed: the Kid ain't Got No Credit

Sometimes, friends, we have to take some time out of our day to help the kids, for they are the leaders of tomorrow. One such impressionable youth has come to us seeking advice, a victim of his own inexperience and the indiscretions of his parents:

So, I'm a little, naive NYU student who's looking into getting an apartment after this semester with some friends. The only trouble is I have no credit and my parents have awful credit, while my soon-to-possibly-be roommates and their parents have spectacular credit. What I'm wondering is what happens if I move in with them, but I'm not on the lease? Should I let them do the bargaining; would I be a dark horse if I showed my face to the brokers or landlords? Is there any potential penalties for us if I'm found living there not on the rent?So what should our lad do, show his face or run and hide? Be a mentor and leave your tips in the comments.
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