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More Woe for Williamsburg's 55 Berry

Everyone knows that if you bought at 55 Berry when it was first offered?which we're not sure anyone actually did?then you're a sucker. But now we know just how big of a sucker you are. A Curbed tipster sent along the original Elliman listings, when the building was riding high on unobstructed views and the pedigree of being one of the only "luxury" developments in the 'hood. You can see some of those prices above, compared to Corcoran's current listings for 55 Berry (graffiti-style penmanship meant to add Williamsburg "edge"). It's hard to do a unit-by-unit comparison, because many of the lofts have been reconfigured and everyone is playing fast and loose with the square footage, but we totaled up the given info, and 55 Berry's original price-per-square-foot through Elliman was $786. As we pointed out yesterday, it's now going for $658.

Looks like a fire sale to us, and this reader report from yesterday's comments discussion on the development will do nothing to dissuade us of that opinion: "We checked these out over the weekend and 'white whale' is right on—bad layouts, blocked light, cell phone towers on the roof, over the top decor, construction next door—the list doesn't end! And now they are throwing in free bookshelves to attract buyers—reeks of desperation!"
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