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Wal-Mart Made Ya Look: Flushing Edition

When you're the world's largest retailer trying to dip a toe into the nation's largest city, even your missteps cause a flurry of attention. Thus was the case as Wal-Mart considered moving into the old Caldor space near Roosevelt Ave. and Main St. in Flushing, Queens, but now claims it's dropped those plans. Wal-Mart's usually known for developing its own sites, but it would have to jump through fewer hurdles if it just renovated an existing space, notes the Daily News.

Still, rules or no rules, Council Speaker Christine Quinn says the retailer shouldn't even think about moving anywhere on her watch before talking to the council, according to the Sun, which also notes that Vornado Realty Trust owns the Flushing site as well as the Rego Park site that Wal-Mart scoped out in the past. Let the "Where Will Wal-Mart Wash Ashore" pools begin anew!
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