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Despite Eli, E82nd Greenmarkets Inch Closer

As the arrival of twin greenmarkets on East 82nd Street (at PS 6 between Madison and Park and St. Stephen's between First and York, to be exact) approaches, a dark knight steps from the shadows in an effort to stop it. Live from a community board meeting, The Oil Drum reports:

It was like a scene from Woody Allen movie about local democracy on the UES: Angry co-op boards, Park Avenue socialites, PTA moms, local food celebrity, politicians... Eli Zabar spoke out against the greenmarket at PS 6 because it would hurt his business at Eli's on 80th and Third... then, in the department of "if-you-can't-beat'em, join'em", Eli Zabar asked if he would be able to sell some of his locally grown produce (he grows stuff on the roofs of his building) at the greenmarket... Perhaps it could start a new category at the greenmarkets—green roof food!· Upper Eastside Greenmarkets Very, Very Close [The Oil Drum]
· Eli Zabar [Official Site]