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Night Light at 7 World Trade

The NYT introduces the gentleman who's just rented the top five floors of Larry Silverstein's 7 World Trade: Chinese real estate tycoon Feng Lun. Beyond mere office space, Mr. Lun has a vision:

Mr. Feng intends to open what he calls a business and cultural "China Center" in 2007 in the building, the first skyscraper built downtown since 1987. "We're going to do something bold," he said in an interview. "I think the world will pay attention to our project."Good, good. Really, though, this post is just an excuse to show off the above photo that plemeljr dropped in the Curbed Photo Pool: "At night, 7 WTC changes from white to blue, and it is quite beautiful." Indeed. Thus, one plausible answer to yesterday's rhetorical question. We love it when that happens.
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