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Development D'Apres-Midi: Morningside Park Condos

Just up the streetDiagonally through Morningside Park from that plot of cathedral land that AvalonBay's eyeing, developers Holland & Zucker are putting up a thin nine-story condo building at 18 Morningside Ave., near 116th St., which CityRealty finds to be "somewhat reminiscent of the Little Singer Building on Lower Broadway that was designed by Ernest Flagg."

Robert Krone is the architect here, and Halstead is handling the marketing. The nine full-floor units will be going for $1.1 million to $1.6 million, and completion's expected next year. The development's site features an "actual" panoramic view from where the sixth floor will be, which hammers home the point that while this place is in Harlem, it's facing Morningside Heights.
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