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Shock Factor Update: Animal Identified

Remember that grisly unexplained block of ice that ended up in Union Square and drew a crowd of onlookers (above). The Post dashes off a four-paragraph item today, and it turns out it was a dead rabbit, not a cat as previously thought. Sez the photog GGP (aka Gerry Gomez Pearlberg), "It was such a completely insane New York sight that I felt I had to post the pictures."

Meanwhile, a recent commenter on Citynoise probes the psychological twist: "I still feel a bit guilty for being less intensely connected to the poor deceased animal in the block of ice now that I know it is a 'mere' bunny." Still no explanation as to the "disheveled mystery man" who "dumped the corpse and ran away." Art? Sickness? Both? These are the tough questions of "psychogeography," friends.
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