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Giant DUMBO Headache for Sale

57 Front? Still fucked. But whoa, check this out! Blogger Set Speed has the scoop that a few of the units are back on sale at Corcoran. Oh DUMBO, you never cease to confuse us. Set Speed hypothesizes:

Without knowing the whole story, our presumption is that incensed buyers were upset that they would lose a window in one of their bedrooms, tried valiantly to get a break on their contract price, weren't able to get one, and most likely rescinded their contracts. Now, some lucky buyers out there have the opportunity to buy their piece of the DUMBO pie. And what an opportunity it is - 970 square feet of living space for a sparse $580K! Take a look at the floorplan- that window in the study room doesn't really exist after all is said and done.

Yeesh, looks like someone doesn't take much stock in the power of imagination.
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