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Development Du Matin: The Atelier

Rarely does a new development as massive as the Atelier sneak under our radar (especially when it's located smack-dab on 42nd Street), but that's exactly what the 46-story, 478-unit gigantoid has done. Perhaps we haven't heard a peep because the thing is so damn far west, over on the rarely-treaded 11th Avenue, just north of the Javits Center and east of New Jersey. But the construction is far along, as you can see, and it caught our eye as we strolled by. The big tower of glass theme reminded us of another Midtown project, 1600 on the Square, and both happen to be marketed by The Marketing Directors. Conspiracy theorists are on the case.

The Atelier was designed by Costas Kondylis, who?according to CityRealty?said the design was inspired by the oceanliners that used to dock nearby. Um, sure. It's being developed by the Moinian Group, and prices start at $680,000. On the luxury amenities front, because we're suckers for luxury amenities that no one will actually use, you've got yourself a gym, indoor pool and sky-high roof deck complete with vertigo-inducing basketball court. Pictures of the deck and pool after the jizzump.

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