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Broker Blogwrap: Special Rental Edition

1) UrbanDigs digs (ha!) into Citi-Habitats' just-released Black and White Report on the NYC rental market: "Studio and one bedroom apt rents rise city-wide, the most pronounced of which occurred in the East Village studio category and Murray Hill one bedroom category." [UrbanDigs]
2) Hugely comprehensive guide to renting in Manhattan. "Overall, please remember we didn’t make the rules." [HHRealtyGroup]
3) Book review time: No Fee New York 2006. Survey says: buy! [PropertyGrunt]
4) Just in case you were wondering, midtown commercial rents are also on the rise. So much for Curbed taking the 47th floor. [Brokered]
5) Bonus non-rental link: True Gotham, penned by Elliman's Douglas Heddings, looks like a very promising addition to the broker blog scene. [True Gotham]