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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) The Novare: Should We Be Offended? (42 comments)
"And God said let there be south-facing light./Abandon hope, all ye who purchase anywhere else./Thou shalt covet our neighborhood."
2) Development Du Matin: The Atelier (38 comments)
"I too live(d) across the street (for the last 4 years and moved) and all I know is, if you have enough money to spend $800,000 on an apartment in Manhattan, why on earth would you live here?"
3) Shock Factor in Union Square (30 comments)
"yes indeed the fashion sense of those kids was horrifying. much more so than a frozen cat. the person who did that should have dropped off some better shoes and clothes instead of the cat."
4) More Woe for Williamsburg's 55 Berry (29 comments)
"It's amazing how the apartments managed to get cheaper AND bigger. Truth is, the neighborhood peaked in coolness in the summer of 2003, which also happens to be the same summer that the NY Times declared it the center of the hipster universe - i knew then the game was up."
5) Ask Curbed: The Kid Ain't Got No Credit (28 comments)
"bah. move to Brooklyn. My landlord took half a month's rent as a deposit and drove us around the neighborhood for a tour. He didn't even care that that neither of us had real jobs in the city (he was cool with freelance and the prospect of more freelance)."