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Upper West Side Ladder #5: $5 Million and Up

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the Upper West Side, where we'll climb the price ladder from six figures to eight figures. Today, we conclude with apartments priced above $5 million.]

1) What/Where: 3BR, W. 72 st @ CPW
Asking: $5.8 mil
The Skinny: Whoa, Dakota overload: "Original Dakota architectural detailing," "superb Dakota style floors with the concentric square patterning," and, best of all, the kitchen, in addition to the requisite Viking, Sub-Zero, Miele, "features special views of the mansard roof of the Dakota." The master bedroom, at 18' x 21' claims to be "unparalleled in size." Perhaps they meant it's a rhombus.
· Listing: 1 West 72 st St. [Corcoran]

2) What/Where: Townhouse, 88th St. (CPW & Col.)
Asking: $7.495 million
The Skinny: We love the high-low flavor of the word "quadruplex," as in "[c]onfigured as a 2 bedroom quadruplex with 4 additional guest bedroom suites." Movie theater lingo or decadent real-estate jargon? Copious stairs aside, we imagine these pics aren't quite doing this place justice. Or maybe they are, in which case we'll just visit in one of the guest bedroom suites.
· Listing: 25 W. 88th St. [Stribling]

3) What/Where: Townhouse, CPW (@ 85th)
Asking: $16.5 mil
The Skinny: Now we're talking?lap pool-cum-exposed brick. Located on the "Gym & Pool Floor," natch. Park views, circular staircase, and "recently renovated to a state of the art architectural masterpiece." Listing counts 11,800sqft. We didn't add 'em up from the floor plan (above), but it does look rather large.
· Listing: 247 Central Park West [Sothebys]

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