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Crazy on Craiglist: Park Slope as Good as It Gets?

It's not uncommon for Craigslist rental listings to wax more poetical about the neighborhood than the apartment itself. Of course, sometimes the listing author lets their inner screenwriter get a bit carried away:

Park Slope is an easy introduction to New York, a slice of Brooklyn where cats curl up on copy machines and young couples stroll arm in arm, bundled in scarves knitted for each other. No wonder As Good As It Gets was filmed here...
Those hoping to get any Xeroxing done and singletons who hate handmade gifts need not apply.
· $2000 / 2br - Two Bedroom Apartment Located on 7th Ave/President St... [CL]

UPDATE: We shoulda known this was too good to be true. Tipped off by a commenter, we see that this listing's neighborhood color was actually just lifted from the Village Voice's Feb. 2005 profile on the Slope. So much for undiscovered talent popping up on CL.