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Curbed National: Art & Culture Edition

1) Los Angeles: Don't look now but Anaheim is nipping at the heels of Coney Island as the amusement and shopping capital of the world. The big news from Orange County is that they're adding a luxurious new mall (above) to lock in all the Disney-goers. Agreements are expected with three hotels, which may or may not include water parks. Also, there will be upscale dining options, including, ahem, the Cheesecake Factory. [Curbed LA]
2) San Francisco: A couple of architects known for their recent shiny and white plans for NYC houses of culture (see here and here) are in the running to design the new and improved Berkeley art musuem. Somebody shame them. [Curbed SF]
3) Chicago: Apparently, it's true what they said in the Times -- Chicagoans are hot for starchitects. Take Chris Karabas who recently bought in the Helmut Jahn-designed 600 N Fairbanks: "In [600 N Fairbanks] you are the view, which is almost as good as having one." [YoChicago Today]