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The Last Night of 184 Kent: 'Vague Fist Pumping,' Beer

[View of 184 Kent across the open lot to be filled by The Edge towers by rsguskind from the Curbed Photo Pool]

Brace yourself—awesomeness ahead. The Observer's Tom McGeveran files a first-hand report from the closing night at Williamsburg's iconic, non-landmarked waterfront 184 Kent before luxe upgrades begin. Excerpt:

Onlookers at a bar across the street from 184 Kent Street, the waterfront loft building cleared for conversion into luxury condos, said a crowd of thousands had made their way into the building Saturday night to party through the building's last night of occupancy. But come midnight, they were trespassers. So a passel of police cars and fire engines showed up at the scene to clear them out... At one point, an exodus of hipsters could be seen filing down the street from the building, but some were more stubborn. One large group of them took up residence atop the canopy hanging over the building's loading dock. As police moved in to clear out the building, there was some vague fist-pumping in the crowd. Mostly, though, the mood seemed merry as the hipsters filed out of the building and towards the L train under an almost full moon.

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