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Midtown East's ThreeTen Papering Hedge Fund Land

From the reputed hedge-fund capital of the world, Greenwich, Conn., comes this missive about a former Curbed Development Du Jour, ThreeTen East Fifty Third Street (no numerals, please):

I just received a giant full color brochure ... It is a very impressive looking brochure (and building), but it sure looks like it must have cost a buck or two to print. The interesting thing is that it's a totally unsolicited mailing, as I have never visited the sales office nor contacted anyone from the development at all (let alone thought about living there). I live in Greenwich, Connecticut, so I suspect that they bought some mailing list and based on my zip, figured I could afford to buy (unfortunately I can't).

It seems like sales must be extremely slow for the broker to resort to this type of advertising, as this is the first of its kind I have ever received.

Any other posh zip codes getting promos for this condo tower? Others?
· Development Du Jour: ThreeTen East 53rd [Curbed] [Photo via Wired NY]