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Reaction to the Reaction to the Atlantic Yards Reaction

In our Weekend Wrap we mentioned the Times' Metro section story on the blogs that are challenging Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards development on a daily basis, but now let's have a looksie at how those blogs are responding to the coverage. Needless to say, there's, uh, criticism:

1) "Though the article, by way of quoting bloggers, floats some issues that have gotten too little public discussion, perhaps inevitably it misses some major points. It casts us bloggers mostly as critics (who also issue "jeers"), not as analysts--with the unlimited space of the web--who regularly point out distortions and deceptions by Forest City Ratner, cite gaps in press coverage (like the decline in the number of jobs promised), and source our conclusions." [Atlantic Yards Report]
2) "As for Joey DeFlacko's comments that there is 'sense of self importance' amongst the bloggers, We ask Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry (and Joey): What could be more self important than proposing to 'build a neighborhood from scratch' (where one already exists) and proposing to construct a building over 100 feet higher than Brooklyn's tallest landmark–the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building–(and brag about it) AND, to top it off, dubbing it Miss Brooklyn Ms. Brooklyn? [D-DDB]
3) "The media echo chamber is complete when the mainstream media covers bloggers who cover gaps in the mainstream media coverage of the largest project (ever) in Brooklyn ... As for the 'sense of self-importance and anger that often pops out,' any grumpiness arises from the fact that we'd rather be doing something else, if it weren't for the self-important multi-billion-dollar boondoggle that ate Brooklyn." [No Land Grab]

God, when are these people just going to cut the wishy-washy bullshit and tell us where they stand on this whole Atlantic Yards thing?
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[Bergen and Carlton rendering photo from onNYturf]