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It Happened One Weekend: Scarano Scrutiny, Cipriani Cuties

1) Our Great Moments in Journalism award goes to William Neuman, who essentially takes down our old friend Robert Scarano through a detailed report on the loopholes Scarano exploits to get his overstuffed designs built. The Buildings Department has accused Scarano of running afoul on building codes or zoning rules in 25 apartment buildings. The Tower of Bowery (right), well, now that's a whole different story. [NYTimes]
2) Everyone needs concierge service in their luxury condos, sure, but shouldn't the five-star service start before the sale? Of course. The Post details the new developments with the fanciest sales centers and gifts, 20 Pine included. The Cipriani Club sales staff is described as "distractingly attractive." We'll be the judge of that. Pictures, anyone? [NYPost]
3) The Post also offers up a borough-by-borough list of the best 'hoods to live in when spring hits. The Manhattan pick: Riverside Drive, from 96th Street up to 117th Street. [NYPost]
4) Instead of delving into the major issues constantly written about on the anti-Atlantic Yards blogs, the Times merely points out that, uh, these blogs exist. Thanks, guys. [NYTimes]
5) A former Chippendales dancer and his wife need a new apartment for raising their little boy ... that costs under $200,000. Yikes. To the Bronx! [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt; more at HuntGrunt]
6) A New Jersey couple who won a $258 million lottery jackpot last September just plunked down $2.25 million of it for this four-story townhouse in Park Slope. Said the sellers about the buyers: "They didn't seem like newly rich people." [William Neuman/Big Deal]