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Introducing the Curbed Advertecture Corps

Following yesterday's item noting the presence of advertecture in the shadow of 2 Columbus Circle, glad tidings from a Curbed tipster:

I live across from 2 Columbus Circle and the building at 58th and Broadway - you showed the billboard on the latter. You, correctly, questioned how they could have the billboard on the Broadway building when the Building inspectors gave 2 Columbus a ticket for violations. As I was coming into work today, they were taking down the billboard from the building at 58th and Broadway. I don't know yet whether they will be putting up a new one, but whenever they've changed it before, its been in the middle of the night (literally), not at 9am on weekday.Okay, we're on to something here. Our next advertecture target comes from another tipster in the Meatpacking District: "30 Gansevoort Street is a landmark building. There is a Jose Cuervo ad on the building WITHOUT a permit. Not only does it seem that the building is landmark, but it is residential as well. DOB does not allow for outdoor advertising on residential buildings. So, looks like they broke more than one law."
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· Advertecture Update: Covet Thy Neighbors' Ads [Curbed] Got some possibly illegal advertecture you'd like to see removed from your hood? Email; bonus points for digital photos. Together, we can make a difference—or, you know, not.