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Rumblings & Bumblings: Please Let it Be a Pizza Hut

[Actual questions posed by actual readers below. If you know the answer, or have some sweet digital pics detailing the action, send 'em to drop a note in the comments below. Answers sanitized for your protection on Thursday.]

1) Soho: "Here's a question for you... Any idea what the one or two story structure is that's being built at the corner of Prince and Lafayette (above)? They've been working on it on and off for maybe a year now. My boyfriend is hoping that it's a Pizza Hut (the roof is slightly Hut-esque), but I'm guessing that's not the case."
2) Upper East Side: "What is going up next to the church at 66th and 1st?"
3) George Washington Bridge: "Does anyone know the who,what, or why about the 'renovation' of the George Washington Bridge cables? I ride my bike over frequently and was stunned on my first ride of the year. They covered the elegant touble pairing of braided steel cables (that extend trough the road deck) with 4 - 12" thick grey doric column covers complete with bases and capitals. The visual experiece of this is very ugly not to mention dangrerous because the path has been narrowed by at least 12" (or more if you count the 'bases'). My only conclusion was some sort of homeland security budget and a blind engineer at the port authority are to blame. Has anyone else seen this?"
4) Upper West Side: "What is going on at the former hollywood video at 86 and columbus? it's been empty for months."