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Flee the Flames, Enjoy the View

Fire escapes that double as balconies? Balconies that double as fire escapes? What the hell? That's precisely what Hot in Harlem is wondering about this new building at 127th Street and Lenox. Sez HiH:

I've been watching this development for a while and I must say it keeps getting weirder. Started as a vacant lot, and then the developer started to build this VERY plain brick box, which looked like it would fall if a stiff wind blew. Then one day they started to build over the top of the neighboring two story building. Now they really have gone mad. Doors onto the firescape? I can't wait to see how this is marketed.Hybrid condos, dude. Boom, we just sold the entire building. Man this biz is easy!
· Balcony or fire escape?You decide [Hot in Harlem]