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184 Kent Update: The Real Last Night's Party

Ah, 184 Kent, Williamsburg's Austin-Nichols Warehouse. We thought last weekend's bacchanal was the end of the road—do check out the bizarre artifact above photographed by themikebot on Flickr—but a commenter sets us straight:

I still live at 184. That party was NOT the "Last Night". There are 14 days left until the real Last night. We will have a party there in the next 10 days that will make that little souire look quite feeble. and by the way, there were not near a thousand hipsters anywhere near that party. Nor was it unruly by any means. The party to be will leave portions of the 184 cellblock unrecognizable for greedy owners & developers to deal with. 'Hold your ears Bklyn'!A few more pics of the not-last-night party have surfaced. Hold your eyes, Curbed denizens.
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