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West Village Noisemaker Up for Grabs

Just like our Mamas always said, it's all fun and games until the wildly successful weekly dance party leaves your club and you're forced to sell. That's the case with the West Village's Luke & Leroy, which for a long while was home to the Saturday night hipster heaven Misshapes. A couple of police raids later, Misshapes moved farther west to old mainstay Don Hill's, and now the bar is on the block for $495,000, with 10 years remaining on its $11,000/month lease. At least one neighbor is not shedding a tear: "Luke + Leroy have been horrible neighbors to the community, refusing to take responsibility for their patrons. In addition to this, they are incredibly noisy with neighboring buildings (you can actually feel the bass in the apartments which connect to the back of the building)." Above you'll find two interior photos, because if you've ever been to the darkened Luke & Leroy, you probably have no clue what it actually looks like.
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