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New Development Website Review: One Ten 3rd

We got a tip that the sign for the Toll Brothers' East Village development (R.I.P., Variety Playhouse) went up yesterday afternoon, and sure enough, the corresponding website is up and running. It looks like they're going the ThreeTen route of branding and calling the building One Ten 3rd, but let's hope they leave Greenwich out of this, eh? The site is fairly bare bones right now, but you've still got the requisite porno music and Flash'd up neighborhood photos. Pictures of the Loews on Third Ave. (we hear that Narnia flick is going to be huge!) blend into the real selling points: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, the Greenmarket and, uh, Ben & Jerry's. Apparently anorexics need not apply at this building. The site also confirms that prices for the one- to three-bedroom condos begin at $850,000, and Halstead is handling it.
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