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Broker Blogwrap: BPC's Amber Waves of Grain

1) For those desirous of easy listening at the gym tonight, True Gotham's podcast tackles this topic: "A Broker's View of Unscrupulous Real Estate Brokers." Catfight! [True Gotham]
2) Who would win a bowling showdown between broker blogs True Gotham and Real Gotham? We have no idea, but we suspect we'll find out. Meantime, Real Gotham offers up a brief history of Battery Park City including this awesome image of wheat growing on an undeveloped landfill section in 1982. [Real Gotham]
3) We don't spend a ton of time brooding about interest rates, but fear not—UrbanDigs has you covered with two posts on the topic. Upshot: up, up, and away! [Urban Digs, 2nd post]