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It Happened One... Thursday?!

In a move destined to shake Curbed's regular Monday feature It Happened One Weekend... to its core, the NYPost up and moves its Home section to Thursdays, starting—today! The throwdown with the NYT's House & Home is on, baby. How do the sections stack up to each other today? Here's a thoroughly scientific survey:

1) BIG LEAD: NYTimes, something about China. NYPost, PriceChop-proof New York neighborhoods, including this shocker: "Midtown East—hotter than just about anywhere." Curbed Edge: NYPost.
2) Q&A: NYPost, "Q:I can't seem to find a buyer for my co-op. However, I must get a certain price, as I live on a fixed income. Is there anything besides lowering the price that will entice a buyer?" NYTimes, "Q. Last spring I planted two brugmansias in each of three large pots. Can they live outdoors year round in southeast Georgia?" Curbed Edge: NYTimes.
3) TRENDWATCHING: NYPost, firehouses are the new condos. NYTimes, pink vinyl is the new brick. Curbed Edge: NYPost.
4) CELEBRITY FACTOR: NYPost, Keil reports that Howard Stern is renting on the beach in Southampton this summer for $600,000. NYTimes, first inside peek at the upcoming Kips Bay Showhouse, where celeb designers preen to be seen. Curbed Edge: Even.
5) RANDOM THING TO BUY: NYTimes, zebrawood dining table, $7400. NYPost, mortgage. Curbed Edge: NYTimes.

Bottom Line: even up at the end of week one. See you next Thursday!
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